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My Optometrist is a full-service optometry practice offering optimal care for the whole family. Our warm and experienced team are available to answer any questions you have at any step of the way, and our expert optometrists provide comprehensive consultations tailored to your needs.

We are equipped with the latest in optometric technology so that we can best detect any potential problems as early as possible and most accurately assess and correct your vision. This includes an OCT scanner for retinal and optic nerve scans and a brand new eyecare tonometer which measures pressure in a much less invasive way than previous methods.

Additionally, our close relationships with local doctors and specialists including ophthalmologists means we can offer referrals as well as co-management of specific conditions or diseases.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations covering every aspect of your eye health
  • Children’s vision assessments
  • Myopia control and progression control
  • Diabetic examinations
  • Glaucoma detection and co-management
  • Cataract reviews
  • Low vision care
  • Macular degeneration management and advice

In addition, we can prescribe and supply a range of eyewear solutions including spectacles and contact lenses.

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