Why Choose My Optometrist

My Optometrist has long been known as an honest and trustworthy practice you can comfortably recommend to your family and friends. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care, sound advice and premium eyewear products. For almost 15 years, patients in need of eyecare have come to us. Our experienced optometrists focus on long-term relationships with patients – you only have one pair of eyes, and we want you to be able to trust us with them, year after year! You’ll never have one optometrist on your first visit only to work with someone else the next time you stop in.

Our treatment style aims to teach you about your eyes and be viligant with their health, so you know how to look after your eyes in between visits to us. We have close relationships with ophthalmologists and general practitioners in the local area and our practice is equipped with the latest technology and a wide range of services, ensuring that whatever your vision needs are, you’re always in the very best hands.

We Provide the Highest Level of Care

When you visit My Optometrist, your entire eye examination will be carried out by our highly qualified and experienced optometrists. We have time on our side, ensuring that you’re never rushed through and we are thorough and careful at every step of the way.

Patients are our first priority

At My Optometrist, we genuinely care about each of our patients and this is reflected in everything from the service we provide to the quality of products we dispense. When you visit our practice, you’ll never feel rushed out the door, pressured to buy anything or as though you’re being offered a cookie-cutter solution. Our growing team takes their time with every patient, providing thorough, individualised care and service in order to deliver the very best results. We take the time to get to know you and will ask all the right questions to uncover any problems and find the best solutions.

Our friendly team is next to none

My Optometrist is proud of our reputation as a friendly and caring yet professional team. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment. The best compliment we receive is patients saying they feel at home here. Plus, our long-term commitment means that, year after year, you can come back to visit a team who knows you and your eye care needs better than anyone.

We hand-pick our eyewear products

Everything available for purchase through My Optometrist; whether it’s contacts, frames, sunglasses or lenses; has been hand-chosen by our team based on its superior quality. We stock an exciting range of fashion frames that include both trending brands and affordable options for every budget. Our helpful and friendly staff will help you choose something you’ll love.

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